A motivational poem

Close-up of a snapped pencil atop a worn picnic table vandalized by initials and the like.
Close-up of a snapped pencil atop a worn picnic table vandalized by initials and the like.
Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

What if, finally, you

let go and let it flow?

Where would your rapidly

typing digits lead you?

What might you write and who?

Whose life might you enhance?

Which rules might you shatter?

Would you lose the meter?

Would you care?

Would you write a mind-awakening, earth-shakering poem?

Would your next piece be a listicle — not a typical listicle, but one elegantly constructed that could alter the reader’s mindset and trajectory?

Would you awake one morning and — unexpectedly — find you had finally achieved your dream of a viral article that boosts others’ lives…

Let’s help you appreciate being upbeat.

Two backlit humans — one in a cowboy hat — jump on a beach just after sunset.
Two backlit humans — one in a cowboy hat — jump on a beach just after sunset.
Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash

This isn’t a music article. Yet it offers the chance to make your life musical.

Good music has a good beat. Upbeat is a good beat, especially for your life.

How Does Being Upbeat Affect Your Life?

When we’re upbeat, we’re optimistic. We’re open to new opportunities. In fact, opportunities feel abundant.

Is It Cool to Be Downbeat?

If you’re doing no harm to others, it’s cool to be any way you choose. Indeed, anyone can catch a downbeat moment. I catch downbeats. In music, downbeats are scrumptious.

In daily life, downbeats are decision points. We can decide to let downbeats drag us into a pessimistic corridor…

The third momentum killer is famously insidious.

Two toy fencers do battle.
Two toy fencers do battle.
Photo by Stillness InMotion on Unsplash

Lately, my mind has been on something I call positive writing inertia. The idea is that we’re likelier to write if we’ve already been writing — I’ll write today if I wrote yesterday.

You might also call this concept your writing momentum. Now, I realize we’re blurring the lines between inertia and momentum, but we’re just gabbing about writing motivation, so let’s keep moving. Which brings us back to your momentum!

Lurking in daily life, are momentum killers — variables that will obliterate your momentum if given the opportunity. …

How would you grow?

With coffee in a glass mug and modern devices, a person writes on a pad at a dazzling table.
With coffee in a glass mug and modern devices, a person writes on a pad at a dazzling table.
Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash

It’s the first of the month, and I am issuing a writing challenge — to you and to myself. Write and publish one piece every day this month!

What Would Very Likely Change?

You! You would change. You would advance your transformation into the writer you dearly want to be.

What Are the Certain Results of Writing and Publishing Daily?

I am a process-oriented person. A focus on process — instead of results — is the best way to pursue that which is just over your horizon. With that said, certain results of writing and publishing each day are assured:

  • You will create muscle memory within yourself.
  • Daily writing will start…

If you have a parent, or two, who is toxic, I’m glad you journeyed past my outpost. I am a product of two toxic parents myself.

What flavors of toxicity they are I’ll share on another day. But being the offspring of toxic people, as you surely realize, inspires a range of questions.

Here are a few of mine:

  • How do I get them to truly value our relationship?
  • If they’re toxic, am I doomed?
  • Why don’t they realize the reason that they have no reliable friendships?
  • Why do people buy instead of rent — wait! …

Here are five ideas for anyone who finds it challenging to publish one piece everyday on their preferred platform.

  1. Set timers. Give yourself a narrow window to complete a first draft. Write fast. Save corrections and editing for after the timer dings.
  2. Don’t obsess. Asimov focused on clear, concise communication, and I think we can agree he did alright in the writing profession. Seek good words, not perfect words.
  3. Don’t dither. Dithering at any point in your writing process kills momentum. Be decisive!
  4. Smash Publish. You’ll notice that the stars of online writing regularly hit that Publish button. …

How prolific could you be?

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

How many words do you wish you could write each day?

Is it 1,000? 2,000? 10,000? More?

How have your efforts been going?

If you’re falling far short of your daily writing dreams, I encourage you to ask yourself, “What if I wrote like I was on an assembly line?”

What if you transformed yourself into an assembly-line writer?

Would You Overthink, or Would You Simply Write?

I’ve overthought during plenty of writing sessions. Of course, I’m much happier when the words simply flow. Do you relate?

If you commit to an assembly-line writing philosophy, you’ll take the mysticism out of your writing…

It’s easy if you don’t try.

Photo by Sam Carter on Unsplash

Mediocrity is safe territory, so let’s talk about keeping you in it. After all, we wouldn’t want you to put yourself out there in front of the whole world and risk looking foolish.

What’s the use of that? The life-fulfilling component of uniqueness? Blegh! Who needs that?

Here’s a quick, easy guide to help you enjoy an average and uninteresting life.

Follow Trends

Aren’t trends great? Trends make every decision for you. All you have to do is get in line! What bliss!

Stand for Nothing

You definitely don’t want to take a stance on anything. That’s how people…

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